About Alice

After Zeke Andrew Pancakes died in 2016, we weren’t sure we wanted to bring another dog into the family for a while. We needed time to grieve.

5 minutes after we adopted her

 After a month of coming home from work and not getting a dog’s welcome at the front door, we decided Zeke would want us to stop being sad and start being happy again. We started browsing the websites for AARCS and ARF, and took a couple of trips to the Humane Society. However, every time we found a

potentially good fit, he/she had been adopted already. It was hard to be upset that all those great doggies were finding forever homes, but it was frustrating to not be one of them. We wanted our new puppy to be settled and comfortable in our house before Christmas, so there was a deadline.

Next step; Kijiji. Maybe not the best option in some people’s view, but any way you can give an animal a loving home like ours it feels like a win. So we found “a farmer whose dog had a litter”. Our original plan was to adopt Alice’s brother but when the farmer showed up in his minivan, he had 4 puppies with him.

Alice was by far the cutest and also had the sweetest personality. She fit in with our family immediately. After we’d paid the farmer for her, we put her in our van and she looked at us as if to say, “So you’re my humans eh? Cool. Where are we going now?”

We recently identified her as a Feist cross (probably with some Boxer and/or Pitbull and/or Lab). She’s a beautiful girl inside and out. We’re really happy to have her in our family.

Portrait of Alice