Auburn Bay – Calgary

At the SW corner of 52nd Street SE and Stoney Trail (Hwy 201) is a nice off-leash area in the community of Auburn Bay. This park is named Jim Davidson Bark & Play and is a memorial to Jim’s dog Harley.

The park is large and has a few nice features to keep dogs busy. There are digging pits, slalom poles, mounds, and a low wooden bridge that doesn’t cross water…it’s just there for fun as far as I can tell. Of course, there’s plenty of room for playing ball or frisbee too. Gravel pathways make it friendly to anyone with a stroller or mobility issues.

There are two smaller fenced areas inside the park for training or for smaller dogs that don’t want to be around big dogs.

There’s plenty of parking and adequate numbers of garbage receptacles. It’s reasonably clean, though not pristine. There’s even a water fountain for dogs near the entrance*1It was not working on the day we visited but it didn’t look like it was neglected, simply in need of repair.

It’s very well situated with easy access except if you’re coming from Auburn Bay, ironically. The divided street forces you to either go the long way around, drive down the wrong side of the street for a few metres, or do an illegal u-turn at a very busy intersection. This little oversight also affects everyone leaving the parking lot as the only option is to turn right onto Auburn Bay Drive and then do a u-turn at Auburn Meadows Way to get back to 52nd Street

Alice had a good time here and we’ve visited a couple times because it’s so conveniently located just off Stoney Trail, which is a preferred route for us when travelling around Calgary.

Based on its good location, size, and variety of activities for pooches, Alice gives Auburn Bay 2.5 paws.

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1. It was not working on the day we visited but it didn’t look like it was neglected, simply in need of repair

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