Big Springs – Airdrie

Big Springs in Airdrie, Alberta, is a run-of-the-mill off-leash area in terms of features. There isn’t any water or agility equipment. It is, however, quite large and reportedly never very crowded. It’s a good neighbourhood park but we wouldn’t go out of our way to visit again. It would be a convenient pit-stop if you were travelling north on the Queen Elizabeth II highway.

This is a partially fenced area between the QEII and the adjacent residential neighbourhood of Big Springs.  It is on the pathway south of the cemetery and goes all the way to Spring Haven Crescent.  

There’s a lot of traffic noise walking on the pathway because it’s located on top of the berm/noise barrier next to the highway. Once we went down to the area closer to the houses the noise level dropped dramatically and we enjoyed a nice walk.

There is lots of room to play ball or frisbee. The area was fairly clean and there were adequate numbers of garbage receptacles.

You’ll be parking on residential streets so please be respectful of the people who live there. Don’t block their driveways or leave a mess.

Alice gives Big Springs off-leash area in Airdrie two paws.


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