Bowmont Park – Calgary

Bowmont Park is an average off-leash area with a secret feature that can make it, at certain times of the year, great.

It’s a big, open area, perfect for playing ball or frisbee, however it’s not very grassy and I expect it would be quite muddy in Spring or after rain. There’s lots of shade available on the south side for when the weather is sunny and hot. 

It’s adjacent to Calgary’s the Bow River Pathway and that’s where the secret feature reveals itself. If you go to the far east end, you’ll find a gate. Exit the fenced area here and follow the pathway for about 100 metres. At that point, the path branches off to the right and you end up on a little tributary of the Bow River.

The locals we talked to said it’s at it’s best in June. The water level is high enough for dogs to swim but low enough that the current is very gentle. It’s a fantastic little swimming hole. We spent half an hour there throwing sticks and rocks into the water for Alice to chase. She made some new friends and was tuckered for the rest of the day. We haven’t returned over summer to see if it remains a good place to swim.

There’s easy access from 85th Street and plenty of parking. Bowmont is just across the river from Bowness Park and the delightful Bowness shopping district.

Alice had a great time swimming here and awards Bowmont Park Off-Leash Area three paws*1but it’s only a 2 if the tributary is too high or low.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. but it’s only a 2 if the tributary is too high or low

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