Butchart Gardens – Victoria

Butchart Gardens is NOT an off-leash park, but dogs are allowed in this stunningly beautiful landmark if they are well-behaved and on-leash. Please do not bring your pup with you if she’s uncertain or aggressive around strangers as it can be quite busy at times, and make sure you have poop bags with you. Pets must be kept on a short leash at all times. Please follow all the rules and keep this privilege available for future visitors and their dogs.

Located in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia*1near Victoria on Vancouver Island, Butchart Gardens is a designated National Historic Site of Canada. Whether you’re arriving by ferry, air, or car, it’s very easy to get to yet far enough off the beaten path to maintain a serene atmosphere.

Expect to spend several hours here. Butchart Gardens is 22 hectares/55 acres of unparalleled beauty with over a million plants and trees in 900 varieties. From the sunken garden to the rose garden to the Japanese garden, there’s nowhere quite like it. I’m grateful that they allow dogs. It must have smelled amazing to Alice. She was exhausted after our visit.

If you are vacationing (or live) on Vancouver Island, do not miss this world famous attraction.

Even though it’s not an off-leash area, Alice gives it her highest rating of four golden paws.

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1. near Victoria on Vancouver Island

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