Centennial Beach – Tsawwassen

Alice loved this off-leash area. Technically, it’s in Boundary Bay but I call everything between Highway 17 and Point Roberts “Tsawwassen”.

We went mid-morning before it got too hot. It was a good time to go as the crowds hadn’t arrived yet. It was fantastic. There were only two other dogs there. One of them headed up the beach alone, and the other was Larry, a 5-month-old chocolate Lab.

Alice and Larry quickly became friends. They spent a solid hour playing with each other in tidal pools*1It was low tide while the humans had a nice chat and a few laughs at the dogs’ expense. When it was time to say goodbye, Larry’s human gave Alice the floaty toy she’d fallen in love with “as a gift from Larry”. It was a very unexpected, generous, and gracious gesture.

Centennial Beach is easily accessed by turning east onto 12 Avenue from 56 Street (the main street in Tsawwassen). Follow the road around as it turns into Boundary Bay Road. Take a left turn on 6B Avenue and you’re there. 

The parking lot is enormous. If you arrive during off-peak hours, you’ll have no problem at all finding a spot near the beach. There are adequate garbage receptacles and the beach, in general, is very clean. The regulars here obviously take ownership and pride in keeping their lovely beach in grade-A condition.

Be careful not to venture too far south or you’ll cross into the USA and might get thrown in jail. There’s no legal border crossing on the beach, only a cement boundary marker. You can see a picture of it here.

Based on the easy access, ample parking, cleanliness, and size of this off-leash area (not to mention the fact that it’s a beach), Alice gives Centennial Beach 4 Paws*2This review is biased by the fact that going to the ocean is a rare treat for Alice.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. It was low tide
2. This review is biased by the fact that going to the ocean is a rare treat for Alice

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