Elliston Park – Calgary

Elliston Park is located in SE Calgary, south of 17th Avenue on 68th Street. Follow the signs for the East Calgary Landfill, but don’t go as far as the entrance to the dump. The parking lot for the park is on your right about 250 metres down 68th from 17th Avenue.

The off-leash section of Elliston Park surrounds the southernmost part of the lake, around the arrowhead, and also runs along the top of the hill that borders the landfill. You can take your doggy around the rest of the lake but she has to be on a leash. This is especially important in the NW corner where there’s a playground. There’s a bike path that goes around the lake, so even though the off-leash area is clearly marked, you’ll want to make sure your dog is always in sight and under control.

I wouldn’t recommend letting dogs swim in the lake. We found it to be scummy water with heavy algae content. I talked to another visitor to the park who was a regular. He said he lets his dog go in once in a while but has to give him a bath whenever he does. 

Elliston Park hosts the annual Global Fest fireworks shows, so access may be limited while that event runs in August.

Overall, this is a pretty average park. Good if you’re a local or find yourself in the area and need a quick walk. 

Alice gives it two paws.

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