Harvest Hills – Calgary

This is not an official off-leash area. You won’t find it on the City of Calgary website. It’s reserved for future development. For the time being though, it’s a decent local park for the dogs of Harvest Hills.

There’s a big parking lot on the south side of 96 Avenue NE, opposite Harvest Hills Link. It’s there to serve the people who use the adjacent sports fields. If you come here in the morning or afternoon, the lot is empty. Park at the far south end to easily access the walking paths.

Alice and I usually play some ball or frisbee on the sports fields for 10 or 15 minutes, and then head off to the paths for a walk. The area is fairly flat, and there’s a gravel “main road” through the area in addition to all the dirt paths. If you have mobility issues, this area will work well for you.

We’ve been here several times at various times of day and have never seen more than 2 or 3 other dogs. It’s peaceful.

This area is essentially a gigantic chunk of undeveloped prairie. There’s a bit of water, lots of long grass, and several stands of trees. I suspect there are coyotes in the area as we spotted a couple of piles of scat that were definitely canine but were definitely not made of used Alpo, so be aware of what’s going on around you. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Alice likes the combination of the groomed sports fields and the wild prairie. This is a good area for a varied exercise session with your pooch. We give it 2.5 paws.

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