Pollok Park – Glasgow

This review was submitted by Dog Park Tour Friend, Bella, and her human, Fiona.

Pollok Park is a beautiful country park situated within the city of Glasgow, Scotland.  It has miles of paths with lots of woodlands to explore and a ball-scavenging dog can always find treasures in the river and amongst the trees.

There are also plenty of other distractions for dogs, such as squirrels, ducks and highland cows*1The cows are behind fences, but a determined dog can easily find a way through, so its a very popular destination for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The park can be quite busy at weekends, especially by the river near Pollok House. However, the north woods are always quieter if you and your dog want to avoid the small children on bikes and have a wander through the trees.

The river that runs along the edge of the park is shallow and slow-flowing but has relatively steep banks in places, so your dog may have to scramble to get out. Avoid letting your dog swim in the pond if you can. It can get very smelly and sometimes has an algal bloom that is toxic.  

The park is clean and well maintained. No signs of any dog poo but look out for the horse manure! Paved paths make it suitable for walks in all weather but there are plenty of opportunities for dogs to get very muddy.

Pollok Country Park is located at 2060 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow. There is plenty of free parking at the Riverside carpark. Follow the signs for Pollok House. 

Pollock House cafe has refreshments for humans with seating outside.

Hazards: Highland cows (fences are not dog proof); small children on bikes (mostly near the river by Pollok House)

Good to know:
Wizard of Paws (South) is close by. It’s a great store for canine food and accessories and has self-service dog washing facilities. 

This is a lovely, big park with all sorts of amenities. Alice’s cousin Bella gives it a solid 4 paw rating.

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1. The cows are behind fences, but a determined dog can easily find a way through

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