Popson Park – Lethbridge

Popson Park is on the far west side of Lethbridge, just past the university. Follow University Drive West all the way to the edge of town. The road is not paved, so don’t worry when you get onto gravel; you haven’t gone too far. There’s a big sign pointing the way down to the river valley. Take the turn and you’ll end up in the parking lot. It’s very easy to find.

The first thing you’ll notice is signs warning that there are rattlesnakes in the area. This will obviously only be a concern during the warmer months. You don’t need to worry about snakes during a Southern Alberta winter. My suggestion is to keep your dog leashed if you’re staying on the path in the park area, but don’t worry as much if you’re staying by the river.

The walk from the parking lot to the river is about 30 seconds. It’s marked by a big “Boat Launch” sign. The riverside is all rocks and stones, not particularly accessible if you have mobility issues. However, you can still enjoy Popson by sticking to the limestone pathway…if you’re not uptight about rattlesnakes.

We only had time for a short visit, so didn’t explore the grassy area at all because Alice wanted to cool off in the Old Man River. The river valley in this location is quite picturesque and we’ll definitely come back next time we’re in the area.

Based on the scenery and river access, Alice gives Popson Park in Lethbridge 2.5 paws.

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