Sue Higgins Park – Calgary

This is the biggest and best off-leash area in Calgary, bar none.

It’s huge at 62 hectares/153 acres, and it has pretty much everything a dog would want; huge open areas, trees and long grass, some agility features, and plenty of safe river access. There’s also a small fenced off area for little dawgs and puppies.

The parking lot is huge and has multiple entry points into the park. We’ve never had a problem finding a parking spot, even when the lot is busy. There are plenty of garbage receptacles scattered around the area and everyone does a good job of cleaning up the dog poop. 

Porta-potties for humans are located in the parking lot and there’s often a coffee truck parked in case you forgot to hit your favourite coffee shop on the way. It’s very close to IKEA, Costco, and all the other shops and restaurants in Deerfoot Meadows*1It’s also close to Calgary’s Lamborghini and Ferrari dealerships 🙂

The only downside is that there’s absolutely no protection from the wind. No big deal in summer, very big deal in winter. We’ve cut short more than one winter walk here because the windchill was unbearable. That’s life on the Canadian prairies though. It’s not the park’s fault.

This is a destination off-leash area; well worth a special trip for you and your pup. We try to visit at least once a month. It’s easy to spend a couple of hours here and not get bored.

Alice gives it four golden paws.


Footnotes   [ + ]

1. It’s also close to Calgary’s Lamborghini and Ferrari dealerships 🙂

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