Winston Heights – Calgary

Winston Heights off-leash area is a hidden gem. I hope the locals don’t get annoyed with us for letting the secret out.

It’s sandwiched between The Winstons golf course*1formerly known as The Elks and the community of Winston Heights-Mountview. Parking is in the alleyway behind 7th Street NE and can only be accessed from 24th Avenue NE.

There’s a decent sized park immediately south of the parking area that’s good for playing ball. However, it’s not fenced and there’s a playground on the west side. If your dawg can’t be trusted to stay on the grass and come when called, you’ll need to keep her leashed until you get into the part that’s down the hill…and down the hill is where this park becomes great.

It’s a little oasis of prairie flora and fauna. There are long trails through a variety of terrains, and there’s a huge variety of flowers. One of the locals told me it’s not uncommon to see deer.

There’s a chain link fence that separates the off-leash area from the golf course, meaning pups can have lots of fun exploring without disturbing the golfers. Traffic noise is barely audible despite its proximity to 16th Avenue and Deerfoot Trail, though you’ll hear planes taking off and landing in the distance.

Winston Heights off-leash area is quite hilly and the paths are not paved. If you have mobility issues, this isn’t the place for you. However if you’re happy to take a nature walk in the middle of the city of Calgary, this is an outstanding option.

There are garbage cans in the parking area, but none at all in the hilly area. You’ll have to carry the poop bag out with you. From what we saw, the regular users of this park do a great job of this. The area is pristine.

Based on the variety of terrain, the size, and the general atmosphere of this off-leash area, Alice gives it three paws. We’ll definitely visit Winston Heights again.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. formerly known as The Elks

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